Are You or a loved one struggling with

dry mouth, headaches, bedwetting, snoring, and teeth grinding

what if we could fix it in less than

10 minutes a day?

These are

the five pillars:

  • The Secret Power of Habit Training

  • How to Avoid #1 Childhood Disease

  • The “F” Word You Actually Need

  • Unlocking A Beautiful Smile

  • The PH Effect For Health

How many times have you said you're going to

take better control of your health?

I know I have many times over!

Often being more “healthy” brings to our mind images and ideas of exercise with a limiting diet plan.

These are important but in this 5-day challenge we cover what gets missed by most yet makes a world of difference in how you look and feel.

Ready for a healthy experience that's not 100% focused on fitness or food limits?

When you sign up today you are going to get access to a fully self-guided challenge that you can do at your own pace.

How to avoid $10,000 on medical bills

and improve health in 10 minutes a day!

Together Let’s Take Control Of Your Health In Just 5 fast pillars…

Join The Healthy Habits Experience To Unlock:

  • The Secret Power of Habit Training

  • How to Avoid #1 Childhood Disease

  • The “F” Word You Actually Need

  • Unlocking A Beautiful Smile

  • The PH Effect For Health


I have been a Dental Hygienist for over thirty years, I was married to a Dentist, most of my career was spent in a dental office where I saw patients 2 to 4 times per year.

I had heard the statistics that cavities are the #1 preventable childhood disease.

It was not until I got divorced, changed jobs to a mobile setting went into schools, and saw only kids, that I truly saw the need for better oral health education.

A lot of my patients and clients say they didn’t know this information I am teaching, WHERE TO START, or HOW TO BRUSH THE RIGHT WAY.

Join our Healthy Mouth Movement because together we can change the statistics!

he Healthy Habits Experience Includes

5 key pillars of transformation

These sessions will help you to…

Unlock The Secret Power

of habit so you actually are able to experience results.

Learn How To Avoid

the #1 Childhood Disease that you and your family may not even be aware of.

Know The “F” Word

that's actually okay to use and when done correctly makes a meaningful difference to your health.

Develop A Beautiful Smile

that makes you feel confident and draws people in.

Understand the Ph Effect

for your health so your body is at optimal levels for health and wellness.

Utilize Nasal Breathing

techniques to add 18% more oxygen to your brain so you can help improve sleep and improve immune function.


Resources and Tools To Create Great Oral Health Habits!

When you join the Healthy Habits 5-Day Experience I will send you My Secret list of vetted products that maximize results.

With so many “Health” product lines out there it’ s easy to get confused about what actually works, but I’ve done the testing for you already!

Join The Healthy Habits Experience Today!


Your Personal

Coach and Mentor

Normally for me to personally teach this information I would charge hundreds of dollars for the amount of time it took for me to learn everything I reveal.

But I know what it's like to want change, need change, and feel overwhelmed on how to achieve it with so much misinformation floating around out there.

Today you can get full access for much less.

Oral Personal Coach

Normal Price $97

Join Today for Only $27

No stone is left unturned Everything you ever wanted to know about how

a healthy mouth effects your entire body and some things you didn't.


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